Below are forms designed to help you easily communicate with us when you need to change your banking information or want to implement changes requiring approval as stated in the Land Lease. For your convenience, the full Land Lease is provided for reference as well.

Refinance/Additional Loan

As stipulated in the Land Lease, the Homeowner is required to obtain permission from COCLT prior to refinancing or obtaining an additional loan against the mortgage on the home or interest on the land. The form to complete a request to refinance or take out a loan can be completed online here or download the pdf.


As stipulated in the Land Lease, any additions/alterations to your home or construction of new structures requires prior written approval from COCLT. The form to complete an online request to make improvements or remodel is here. Or you can download the pdf.

Recurring Payment Authorization

All COCLT home buyers are required to pay a monthly Lease Fee and provide bank account information for automatic withdrawals. Any changes must be received by the 20th of the month prior to the next scheduled withdrawal. If you need to change your banking information, click here to complete the form online. 

Intent to Sell

As stipulated in the Land Lease, the Homeowner may sell the interest in the Leased Land and Home. Notification must be given in writing to COCLT by completing the online form located here or by downloading the pdf.

Understand Your Land Lease

All COCLT homeowners sign a land lease at the time they purchase their home. The land lease ensures that all CLT homes remain permanently affordable. To review the key conditions and terms click here to download the pdf.