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Community land trusts (CLT) are designed to provide community stewardship of land. They are primarily used to ensure long-term housing affordability. To do so, a CLT maintains ownership of acquired land permanently.

When a house is built on the land, only the house is sold, and the homebuyer enters into a long-term, renewable lease of the land. When the house is resold, the CLT and the homeowner share the increased equity using a market rate, appraisal based resale formula. This allows for the house to remain affordable for the subsequent homebuyers who follow.

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The COCLT acquires land and serves as its permanent owner and as steward for residences built on it. The land is held forever by the COCLT as a community asset. The homebuyer owns the structure, and leases the land from the COCLT.


A 99-year renewable Land Lease between the homebuyer and COCLT ensures that when the house is sold, the appreciation in property value is shared between COCLT and the homeowner and that the house goes to another income eligible household.


The COCLT provides development gap financing and a purchase price write down (the difference between the original selling price and what the homebuyer qualifies for up to $50,000) for each COCLT home.  The COCLT investment for each home is needed only one time and extends affordability to the first homebuyer and subsequent homebuyers who follow.


Your understanding of the process and expectations are important for a successful homebuying experience. Review the COCLT 3-Step Resale Model for more details. Still have questions? Click here or review our FAQs below.


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