Like other community land trusts across the country, COCLT acquires land and serves as its permanent owner and as steward for residences built on it. Unlike typical affordable housing strategies, the land is never resold. It is held forever by COCLT. This makes housing affordable, one generation after the next, in Central Ohio.


It also provides the permanence and security of traditional homeownership. A 99-year renewable ground lease between the homebuyer and COCLT ensures that when the house is sold, it goes to another deserving family. And that the appreciation in property value is shared between COCLT and the homeowner.

The other good news is that COCLT remains permanently involved. When the real estate market is booming, we maintain affordability. When the market falls, we prevent homes from falling into disrepair or foreclosure. Another huge benefit is that although a household must be income-eligible to first qualify, if that income grows at a later time, the homeowner can still remain in the home. The trust aims to make housing permanently affordable, not make permanently eligible people.


Our Unique Model Works for Both Homes and Rentals

The COCLT model works the same for rental properties. COCLT keeps the land so units are kept permanently affordable, far past what typical housing programs can offer.

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COCLT's Commitment to Fair Housing

Equal consideration is a fundamental principle at COCLT, where we are committed to supplying affordable housing opportunities to all households - regardless of race, color, ancestry, national origin, age, sex, religion, disability, marital status, familial status, sexual orientation, or any other protected characteristic as established by law - are entitle to equal access to housing opportunities. 

Central Ohio Community Land Trust (COCLT) is a subsidiary of Central Ohio Community Improvement Corporation (COCIC) - Franklin County Land Bank

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