House Painting Tools


You have put in a lot of work to get to this point and it has paid off. Now, the fun part begins: making your house truly your own space. Below contains information on, maintenance, safety precautions, cleaning, and general tips to ease the transition into COCLT homeownership.


Your new COCLT home was designed to be durable, energy efficient and comfortable; however,  all homes age over time so taking  a proactive approach to maintenance is recommended. It is important to do regular home maintenance for a variety of reasons: A well-maintained home is simply more comfortable to live in for a homeowner; Regular care minimizes unexpected repair work and keeps costs from becoming larger; And lastly, a well-kept house maintains the property value. It’s best to perform maintenance on your home as soon as you notice the issue. This helps to prevent further damage from occurring and can help keep repair costs down. It’s a good idea to inspect your house and yard once every six months to identify any items needing work.